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Welcome To Rent of terms, advertising & traffic website: CLIK-LAND.COM!

Clik-land.com is a site of traffic and advertising whose reason for existence is to rent exclusive conditions of use to other websites/sites for the performance of activities professional or business, as group of members or users.
For that this be possible the admin is improving various websites that will have their exclusive zone differentiatingand will operate with the documents of the group: Advertising & traffic website: Surfingcrazy.info (group of websites and forums, Clik-land.com).

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About the development of this project

Currently is a future project that is being built and this will be his: operation (initial scheme).

As many of you already know this project is being developed since that in the last December, 2013 the admin did a consultation about the expectations existing of usage of websites/sites regarding the ideas that already was been developing for some time.

In 2014 the project have got these stadistics:

-Moments with quite activity,

-Hack attacks

-Stadistics of blog deleted by google.

MARCH 15,2016: The project is advancing correctly as you can see here.

All terms´s content is protected by the copyright of each of the domains and it is for this reason that it reports the following:

Except as expressly authorized by the owner of these domains, by agreement in writing and notarized, no one can use or create domains or any other natural or legal entity involving copying or performance of the same or identical functions, services or content (or whatever name that may be given to the contents of these domains, sites or groups of sites, and similarly with the terms and conditions of use, configuration, etc.)

For contact use this email: admin@surfingcrazy.info.

The terms of the websites/sites have been made regarding the performance of professional and business activities through them and therefore this is the basic point of its provisions and may not be modified, the remaining provisions may be adjusted at the discretion each administrator.

While the websites are still in maintenance (under construction) you can use make the register in the project in the forum: Pennyclicks.info/forum and will receive an advance of the privacy policy of the group of websites.

You can consult the section Rent of terms for know more details.

Your admin: Víctor Álvarez


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