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Tools for get goals, ways of make money, ... (efficiency and sophistication gotted from the simplicity).

Not share the User id, of the account, with others [will make possible to demonstrate, along with the email address used, who is the user that used it (if is needed to request the account reactivation, because was wrongly eliminated by the administration department)].
Member/user Login:
With the use of the account the user accepts/recognizes that is knower that the regulators of the activity of the user accounts are the documents of the group of websites and forums and therefore is authorizing them for such function, besides with the use of the account the user access to the totality of the documents of the group that have available and accepts/consents/authorizes the use of the cookies of the website and the website's own contents.
Remember that during the creation of the account you did accept that you are be of age, according with your unique responsability of use.
(The password also can be updated in the section: Personal details of the panel of user)

Do not lock session to my IP address (under your responsability of use).

If your connection to internet uses dinamic Ips know that each time that the Ip address changes you will must do a new Login and that if the Ip address is of a country without access to the website the Login not will be possible.
Always that an user account be created from territories that are not part of the destination of sales of the website it will be considered as account created through cheats; although the software of the website will try to avoid the creation of the account, this possibility exists when the Internet provider that the user uses makes the connection through an IP address of a country that is part of the website's sales destination. You must know that this type of account would be used without respect the documents of the group and that if such circumstance is discovered the user account can be deleted according with the content of the My warnings section, the same will occur with the accounts that hide its Ip address.
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