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Clik-land.com Support department. Use it after to accept the document Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy, know the sections Home and My warnings of the website, the functioning of the sections and the conditions of use of the exclusive zone of the website (when exist): being user.

This part of the Clik-land.com Support/Contact button is empty for a best functioning: fill in the following fields. The software will generate a double notice of email sent, do not worry for this (operationals motives of this script).

Use this section (being user) for to contact with the Support departament (Purchase of Crazy-specials, ...) and for use the Rent of terms zone contact line (in construction).
Important: When the users need send an internal email to the department of administration regarding the Subjects indicated in the document of the group: Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy, must use the Support/Contact section of Surfingcrazy.info from a user account with positive balance for that the content of the internal email sent be managed.


The username that figures in the Personal details of your panel of user.

Be sure of enter a valid and current address and keep in mind that:
- The email address that here figures not can be used with the objective of that the notifications, ... of this website be received for other person that not be the user, if this happens the user account will be eliminated (Terms (conditions of use) & Privacy policy: point 2 and My warnings section).
-In the contact emails: exists a strict order of entry and answers.
-In the Rent of terms zone contact line emails: Clik-land.com simply will reply your internal email and in your email address (Personal details) you will receive an alert from the department of administration of Clik-land.com if is necessary.


This are the Subjects (select and write it exactly in the next field) that the user must use for send internal emails to the website/department of administration, according with the own content of the sections relationated and the documents of the group.
Is highly recommended reread the content of the My warnings section for be sure regarding the correct use of the Subjects:

Internal email Subject:

Your internal email must include all specific details needed for that be possible his correctly processing, when be needed demonstrate the content of the email: the charge of the test (Onus probandi) will correspond to the user that send the complain.
In the Rent of terms zone contact line emails write the motive in the header of the email (IN CONSTRUCTION).

When be needed include in the content of the internal email the identification of the purchase for that the department of administration finish the tasks that originates the purchase, ... access to them from here: Date details and Order id of the purchase.
The size of this type of email not is limited but if is possible be short.
As you already know this email will be send to the administration department and to the email address that the user account uses (as copy of the internal email sent), without the intervention of third parts.
Please use only the coloquial Spanish lenguage, without suppress letters in the words and without to use rummaged words or that not be commons in the conversations [for avoid confusions or losses of time in the department of administration (usually uses Google translator)]; the section My warnings includes the motive of elimination, of account, corresponding to this issue].

When be needed to include a screenshot that demonstrates the content of the email: the user only must include in the email the Url that contents the image inside of a Pennyclicks.info/forum topic (this forum of the group will remain active for make it possible) and if the user preffer it (personal motives) also can include an Url that contents the screenshot inside of a hosting account, ... (the image must be watched by the administration department without need make any login session); keep in mind that the Url that includes the screenshot/test not can be deleted because if when is made some type of comprobation the Url not exist or not correspond to the content of the internal email received: the user account will be deleted/eliminated through the content of the section My warnings.

IMPORTANT: For that the content of this internal email be processed you must include correctly all data requested using the formate up provided.
The emails not sent through such formate, with content without sense, that include errors, duplications (repetitions) ..., that not include all data requested or whose content did not include, through the user session, the agent information (Ip address, operating system and browser used) will be replied with the economic sanction that figures in the section My warnings regarding this affair.
In the My account/Stats section´s headboard figures clearly the timeout (approximate) in the processing of the orders of each section.
Regarding the personal data privacy laws: the internal emails sent to the website only include/collect the necessary information/data for that their content can be processed correctly [with the objective of identify the sender user account, always are included (by the software): the username of the account and the email address that the account uses (as addressee email address)]. As you already know in the group of websites and forums, the management of the internal emails received is carried out without processing personal data, that is, the data that the internal emails include simply have the function of identifying the sender user account and make possible his management (not is used for make treatment of personal data).

Only will be processed the internal emails send correctly from user accounts with positive balance and the processing will be made according with the content of the sections of the website/forum and the documents of the group.

May 17, 2022 03:50:48
Currently the timeout (approximate) in the processing of the internal emails is: usually of 0 to 7 work days.

The website (administration department) will perform all procedures that be originated according with his own content without that be needed that the user confirm the reception/reading of a previous email/s received from the webstie(s)/forum(s) of the group.


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